Helen’s Posts

This page brings together all the reflective posts written by Helen Roberts during her time as Project Archivist.   These tell the story of the Project itself and Helen’s insights into the Archives and their stories.  They are at the heart of this blog.   We hope you find them interesting.

Peace camping

Art for art’s sake

The seven years

Ban the Bomb for ever more 1980s

Ban the Bomb for ever more 1960s

The defence of necessity

Rolling thunder

A concern for peace

Freedom summer

Spring in winter

We are the weavers and we are the web

Inside the box

Sit down next to me

None of the above

Gerboise bleue

Walk for peace

Horses for peace

Masters of war

The case of the burnt document

A peace of cake!

Delivering the milk

Holy Loch

The prehistory of the Aldermaston March

Beyond the wall

Hallowe’en 1983

Exploring borderlands

From Aldermaston to Accra and Bikini Atoll

March to Aldermaston

The circle game

Peace web

Picture postcard India

The lost art of letterwriting

Weaving a story

Describing a wild woman of India

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