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This blog was written by Special Collections staff at the University of Bradford.  We began it to share our discoveries from the first phase of the PaxCat Project (2009-2010).  Funded by the National Cataloguing Grants Scheme, the Project catalogued and made available many significant archives concerning peace and nuclear disarmament campaigns.  At the heart of the blog is a series of reflective pieces by the PaxCat Project Archivist, Helen Roberts, in which she explored the ideas and people behind the Archives.

Legal matters:

Links. This site includes links to information provided by external services that are not in any way under the control of Special Collections or the University of Bradford. The University cannot, therefore, be held responsible for their content or accuracy (but please let us know if you find a problem link so we can delete or edit it).

Comments. We encourage comments on this site – praise, clarification and questions all welcome!  Please note that to keep the site legal and enjoyable for all to use, comments are moderated.  Except where stated, posts and content on this blog are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. By making comments on the blog, you are agreeing to share your comments using the same licence.

Copyright. The written content created by Special Collections staff on this site remains University of Bradford copyright, licenced as stated above.  Images, videos and other media are University of Bradford copyright or out of copyright to the best of our knowledge, unless otherwise stated.  In the event that you are the owner of the copyright in any of the material on this blog and do not consent to the use of your material, please contact the Special Collections Librarian and we will withdraw your material from the blog forthwith on receipt of your written objection and proof of ownership.

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