Posted by: alison-cullingford | January 23, 2014

Annual Commonweal Lecture: Michael Randle on civil resistance

The 2014 Commonweal Lecture

Michael Randle on Civil Resistance: the rise and rise of nonviolent action

Thursday 13 March, 6pm, University of Bradford.

Free admission!

Michael Randle - Civil Resistance: the rise and rise of...

Book in advance with eventbrite.

Michael Randle has been active in the peace movement since the early 1950s and has a unique insight into the rise of civil resistance.  One of the organizers of the first Aldermaston March in 1958, he was Chair of the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War, 1958-61, and Secretary of the Committee of 100, 1960-61, which organized a series of civil disobedience demonstrations against nuclear war.  A graduate of University College London – and of Wormwood Scrubs, Pentonville, Lewes and other prisons – he was awarded a PhD in Peace Studies at Bradford University, 1994, served as secretary of the Bradford University-based Alternative Defence Commission, 1980-88, and held a number of research and lecturing posts in Peace Studies. His books include Civil Resistance Fontana 1994, and he was co-compiler with April Carter and Howard Clark of the bibliography People Power & Protest since 1945 (Housmans 2006) and its updated follow-up, Guide to Civil Resistance (Merlin, 2013).

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