Posted by: alison-cullingford | November 18, 2013

PaxCat 2 and the Peace Pamphlets

I’m delighted to share with you the first product of PaxCat 2: the peace pamphlet collection.

PaxCat 2 will make available the remaining Commonweal archives and historic material which were not covered by the first phase of the PaxCat project.  These are fantastic resources which intertwine with the catalogued archives – so many connections of people, places and organisations.  Find out more about PaxCat 2 here.

Poison gas. Cover 133

So far we have catalogued about 2000 of the peace-related pamphlets, from the First World War to the present day.  We’ve used an Excel spreadsheet for the cataloguing, which offers the speed, flexibility and accessibility we need to get these resources to the public without external funding.  They are often very striking visually, as this Poison Gas illustration shows.  More images and lots of information about the pamphlets in no. 89 of the 100 Objects series.


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