Posted by: alison-cullingford | June 15, 2011

Devi Prasad (1921-2011)

Sad news has reached us of the death of Devi Prasad earlier this month.  Born in 1921, he worked with Gandhi at the ashram Sevagram and was instrumental in the spread and development of  Gandhi’s ideas of nonviolence.   He was a Trustee of Commonweal Library (1963-1982) and worked for many years with War Resisters International (here is their obituary of him, which explains his roles over the years).  As well as his work for peace, Devi Prasad was an artist and potter.  He published many books on peace education, conscription, Gandhi’s ideas, and the history of WRI itself.

A collection of his papers is held by the IISG.  His close links with the ideas and other people involved with Commonweal mean that the archives at Bradford also contain many traces of his work including his letters to Barbara Bruce (also at Sevagram).  I’ll link to more obituaries and information as they come our way.


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