Posted by: alison-cullingford | March 1, 2011


Events at the University of Bradford this March which may interest PaxCat readers, centring around PeaceJam, the annual event which brings Nobel peace laureates and young people together.  The guest this year is Betty Williams, who won the Prize in 1976 for peace campaigning in Northern Ireland.  She will talk about community-based solutions at the Norcroft Centre on Friday 4 March.  Find out more about this event and PeaceJam here.

Ruffling Feathers by Cyril Mount is an exhibition of paintings recently donated to the University. Gallery II 4-25 March, launch on 3 March.  Cyril Mount says of his work: “The very act of drawing and painting still carries with it a strange but very real sort of magic. My feeling is that those of us blessed with this ability, should when necessary, use it to draw attention to the cruelty, injustices, horror and futility of war”.

Protest:Fight the Power remixes protest designs: “hundreds of posters, photographs, images, manifestos, downloads, quotations and ideas”.  The show in the Richmond Atrium has already provoked considerable debate about images and censorship.  Find out more about what has been happening and join in via the very active Facebook page for Protest: Fight the Power.  There are free workshops and tours on 6 March, also part of PeaceJam, getting booked up quickly: talk to the curators, make your own protest placard, or have a go at ransom note style.

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