Posted by: alison-cullingford | November 19, 2010

Read All About Peace!

It is now much easier for people to use a wonderful collection of peace-related journals at the University of Bradford.

The collection is part of Commonweal Library.  Commonweal is an independent public library located in the J.B. Priestley Library.  It is devoted to nonviolent social change.   Its trustees collected the archives catalogued by PaxCat Project.

The journals complement the book and archive collections in telling the story of nonviolent social protest in the 20th century through newspapers, magazines and newsletters produced by pressure groups.  They include major titles in the peace movement such as Peace News and Sanity, and many rare titles, with particular emphasis on Gandhi’s ideas and groups in West Yorkshire.

Until this summer, the journals were kept in a non-public storage area, which, as they were not catalogued, meant they were basically invisible and unknown.  However, thanks to a great deal of work by Peace Studies Librarian Caro Noake, the Commonweal Trustees, volunteers, and J.B. Priestley Library staff, the journals are now available in the Journals Room, next door to the main Commonweal Library.

There is plenty to be done to make these works more accessible.  Most do not yet appear on the library catalogue!  Commonweal are working on it.  If you are interested in Commonweal’s work, they are always looking for volunteers …


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