Posted by: helenrobertsbradford | July 12, 2010

A concern for peace

Since the completion of PaxCat in May, I have been working on a two month project to catalogue the archives of the Quaker Peace Studies Trust.

QPST appeal leaflet, 1972

Appeal leaflet produced by QPST in 1972

The history of the QPST is closely bound up with the creation and development of the Peace Studies Department at Bradford.  The trust springs from the pacifist tradition within the Society of Friends and the particular concern of George Murphy, a Yorkshire Quaker, that funds be raised to establish the study of peace and conflict resolution in British universities.

The QPST archive forms a record of the decisions taken and the activities funded by the trust since its initial appeal for a Chair of Peace Studies at Bradford in 1972.

Linking in with PaxCat, the QPST provided financial support to the Commonweal Collection over many years, after it moved to Bradford University in 1976.

The trust was set up originally by the Friends Peace and International Relations Committee.  The work of this committee has been incorporated into Quaker Peace and Social Witness since 1979.

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