Posted by: helenrobertsbradford | April 22, 2010

We are the weavers and we are the web

Trident, trident, what an insane idea
Thousands homeless all for the cost of fear
We can’t afford medication
Or proper education
But we must pay a million a day
So that Britain can disappear

(sung to the tune of Daisy, Daisy)

These words are taken from ‘Greenham goes to Russia’, a booklet of songs created by a group known as Women for Life on Earth to raise funds for a trip to Russia in 1983.  WFLOE were the founders of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, marching from Cardiff to Greenham in summer 1981.  The Greenham women, many of whom lived at the camp for long periods of time in harsh conditions, mounted a sustained campaign of non violent direct action against the first cruise missile site in Britain.

Sarah Meyer, a peace activist who spent time at the camp from late 1982 onwards, created an archive full of colour, striking images, songs and radical ideas.  Leaflets, newsletters, personal letters and photographs are threaded through with symbols of personal and political identity, including witches, dragons, snakes and spiders’ webs, and written in a language which seeks to challenge and undermine preconceived ideas about women.

We are the flow
And we are the ebb

We are the weavers
We are the web

Embrace the base leaflet

Embrace the base leaflet, 1982

La Ragnatela booklet

Booklet about a visit to La Ragnatela Women’s Peace Camp, Comiso, Italy


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