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None of the above

Election campaign 1955

John Loverseed campaigning in 1955 general election

The Peace News archive is the largest and one of the most interesting to be covered by the PaxCat project.  Peace News began in 1936 and was for many years the paper of the Peace Pledge Union.  This formal link was broken in 1961.  Leading members of the PPU disagreed about Hugh Brock’s decision as editor to focus on the non violent direct action movement against nuclear testing and in favour of unilateral nuclear disarmament.  Evidence of this dispute can be found in Hugh Brock’s correspondence with Sybil Morrison, Stuart Morris and Bernard Boothroyd.

The Peace News archive includes 18 boxes of photographs and graphics selected for possible publication, spanning the 1950s to the 1980s.  This photograph shows a scene from John Loverseed’s campaign in the South Lewisham constituency in May 1955, when he stood against Herbert Morrison as an Independent Pacifist candidate.  The theme of his campaign was essentially that none of the main political parties could be trusted on issues of peace and nuclear disarmament.  This resurfaces in the 1959 and 1966 general elections in the campaign literature of the Direct Action Committee and the Committee of 100, as this example from Mary Ringsleben’s papers shows.

Election flyer 1960s

Committee of 100 election flyer, 1966



  1. I found this interesting 🙂 Stuart Morris is my great-grandfather, I’ve been clearing out my Gran’s house and found some old papers and books he wrote/co-wrote so have been researching the PPU to find out more.

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