Posted by: helenrobertsbradford | March 1, 2010

More additions to Archives Hub

Billboard poster

Billboard poster in Nottingham, 1962

Polaris leaflet

Committee of 100 leaflet publicising Polaris action, 16-17 September 1961

The latest additions to the Archives Hub from the PaxCat project are multi-level catalogues for the papers of peace campaigners Margaret Gardiner (1904-2005)  and Mary Ringsleben (fl 1958-1968).  Margaret Gardiner’s papers relate to an advertising campaign in favour of nuclear disarmament which she organised in Nottingham in 1962.  Mary Ringsleben’s papers comprise archives of the Committee of 100 over the years 1960 to 1968, including evidence of her own role as a leading activist in the north of England.

A quick search on either the name or the reference code for each collection will bring up the full catalogue.  The reference codes are GB 0532 Cwl MGA and GB 0532 Cwl MRL respectively.  You can also go directly to this page for Mary Ringsleben’s papers.  This will allow you to browse each collection.  To search and retrieve descriptions of individual items/files, you should use the Hub’s advanced search option.  I suggest reading the collection descriptions first, as a way of finding out about the content and scope of each archive.  This will help you to search the catalogues in a more focussed and useful way.

Please email or with any queries, or to arrange to view the collections.

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