Posted by: helenrobertsbradford | December 23, 2009

A peace of cake

Pax cakes

'Pax cakes': decorated with the Nuclear Disarmament symbol

Nuclear Disarmament symbol

Hand painted Nuclear Disarmament symbol

These delicious cakes were made by Alison Cullingford, Special Collections Librarian, to celebrate the progress of the PaxCat project.  The design for the icing was based on a version of the Nuclear Disarmament symbol found in the Direct Action Committee archives.  The symbol had been painted onto a hand-made card and sent in sympathy to the DAC during the imprisonment of its leading activists in December 1959.

As well as eating cake, we held a drop-in event on 16 December,  in the Special Collections reading room.  A selection of treasures from the archives were on display, including a postcard to Barbara Bruce signed by Gandhi and Gerald Holtom’s 1973 letter to Hugh Brock explaining the origins of his design for the ND symbol.  Visitors included past and present Commonweal trustees, library colleagues, the Head of the Peace Studies Department and the Vice Chancellor.  Thanks to everyone for making an enjoyable event!

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