Posted by: helenrobertsbradford | December 3, 2009

Holy Loch

The PaxCat blog now has a new header image!  This comes from a leaflet produced by the Direct Action Committee in 1961 to advertise a march from London to the Polaris submarine base at Holy Loch in Scotland. The march began on Easter Monday and arrived at Holy Loch at Whitsun.  The Holy Loch action was the most ambitious project organised by the DAC.  It was also the last.  The DAC disbanded and its activists merged into the Committee of 100 in June 1961.  I choose this leaflet because it is a rare example of a DAC leaflet which features a striking image and moves away from dense text.  There are excellent collections of DAC leaflets in the DAC archive and amongst the papers of the academic Richard Taylor.

Aldermaston March 1958

Leaflet advertising the first Aldermaston March, 1958

Industrial campaign 1959

Leaflet advertising campaign against nuclear missile manufacture in Stevenage, 1959


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